GSH51 - Chainsaw (2.2kW)

GSH51 - Chainsaw (2.2kW)

Product Description

HIGH POWER DELIVERED, for a strong working capacity, even in tough conditions.

HIGH TORQUE, also at low idle, for faster working capacity and in stressful condition.

GOOD ACCELERATION, for immediate response when power is needed.

LOWER WORKING TEMPERATURES, to grant higher comfort, safety and engine durability over the time.

LOWER VIBRATIONS, thanks to the anti-vibration system, for higher working comfort.

EASY MACHINE START, to activate the machine in no time and be operative in any conditions.

LOW FUEL CONSUMPTION, for low operating costs.

USE OF 2% MIX, to grant better engine lubrication and high efficiency.

NICKEL PLATED CYLINDER, for higher cylinder durability over time, better engine lubrication, better cylinder/piston match.

CARBURATION STABILITY, granting a smooth functioning of the machine.

Product Guide (PDF)